Supreme Court Reinforces Right to Jury Trial in Civil Cases

In a decision that broadly construes the right of trial by jury in civil cases guaranteed by the New Jersey Constitution, the Supreme Court of New Jersey invalidated a provision in the Underground Facility Protection Act (UFPA) that precludes trial by jury for certain claims arising under the statute. The Court has long recognized that […]

New Jersey Construction Lien Law Interpreted Favorably For Owners and Developers

The Appellate Division published an opinion last week in the case of L&W Supply Corporation d/b/a Building Specialties v. Joe DeSilva, d/b/a DeSilva Contractors, et al, A-2960-1072 (2012), which has interpreted the New Jersey Construction Lien Law more favorably to owners and developers.  Material suppliers are required to make an inquiry of the paying subcontractor […]