Arbitration Act Fills Gaps In Agreements To Arbitrate

Contracts sometimes require that any dispute arising under the contract be resolved through binding arbitration.  Other times, the parties to a lawsuit may agree to have their case decided through binding arbitration, rather than continuing to trial before a court.  Litigants often find that arbitration is a quicker and less costly means of resolving disputes. […]

Sean E. Regan Secures Victory in Contract Bid Case

On April 24, 2013 Sean E. Regan, Esq. obtained an order from the Essex County Superior Court, confirming the award of a $17,900,000 sanitary sewer improvement contract to Cruz Contractors, LLC.  The contract was awarded by the Passaic Valley Sewer Commission (“PVSC”) for various sanitary sewer main improvements.  The second lowest bidder at $18,400,000 had […]