Appellate Division Affirms Discharge of Improperly Served Construction Lien

In a recent decision, Santander Condominium Association, Inc. v. AA Construction 1 Corp., A-0525-15T3 (App. Div. Oct. 13, 2017), the Appellate Division confirmed that construction liens that do not strictly comply with New Jersey’s Construction Lien Law (“Lien Law”), N.J.S.A., 2A:44A-1 to -38, are subject to discharge, and the lienor subject to owner(s)’ attorneys’ fees. […]

New Jersey Construction Lien Law Interpreted Favorably For Owners and Developers

The Appellate Division published an opinion last week in the case of L&W Supply Corporation d/b/a Building Specialties v. Joe DeSilva, d/b/a DeSilva Contractors, et al, A-2960-1072 (2012), which has interpreted the New Jersey Construction Lien Law more favorably to owners and developers.  Material suppliers are required to make an inquiry of the paying subcontractor […]

Consolidate Residential NUB Arbitrations

As most construction practitioners are aware, the New Jersey Construction Lien Law1 was amended effective Jan. 7, 2011. Prior to those amendments being signed into law by the governor, this author was part of an ad hoc committee organized by the New Jersey Builders Association to respond to the New Jersey Law Revision Commission’s request […]