Statute of Frauds Held Applicable to Palimony Claims Based on Promises That Pre-Date The Writing Requirement

In January 2010, the New Jersey legislature enacted a significant amendment to New Jersey’s Statute of Frauds that provided that, in order to be enforceable, palimony agreements had to be in writing and each party must have the advice of independent counsel.  In relevant part that statute stated as follows: [N]o action shall be brought […]

Home Improvement Contractors: Avoiding Individual Liability

New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act, N.J.S.A. 56:8-2 et seq., (the “Act”), has been described as “one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the nation.”1  There are three categories of unlawful practices under the Act for which liability can be imposed:  (1) affirmative acts, which do not require a showing of intent; (2) knowing omissions; […]